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When we started our oily journey, we had no idea how many amazing people we would meet! The new friendships we have made through Young Living are priceless and we would SO love for you to be a part of this growing community! Once you join our team as a distributor who is active and purchasing, we have a private Facebook group that you will be added to! Starting your oily journey and working towards a toxin free lifestyle can be overwhelming, but walking through it with a community takes away the fear! We have all of the resources you will need to be equipped and confident in using your oils!

For those who are interested or maybe want to dip their toe into the business side, we have a free business bootcamp, and all of the resources you could want to get you rockin and rollin! Again, there is absolutely no pressure to ever sell, you can just join our community, utilize our resources, and purchase oils – We love that! But once you fall in love with Young Living oils and products like we did, we promise you won’t be able to contain your love!

We can’t wait for you to join our team and community!

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